Legacy Farms - Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Legacy Farms Review Process

Legacy Farms has applied to the Hopkinton Planning Board for a Master Plan Special Permit (MPSP) which has been and will be the subject of public hearings with the Planning Board and public involvement. If and when the MPSP is approved, each individual “Development Project” (separate neighborhood) will undergo Site Plan Review by the Planning Board and the Board's peer review consultants, as appropriate. Some uses may also require additional permits to be issued by the Planning Board.

Components of Legacy Farms will also require review by other local boards, such as the Conservation Commission and Department of Public Works. The Project also requires permits and approvals from state and/or federal agencies including the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The flow chart on the State Review page includes a list of the state permits and review processes that the Legacy Farms project will also require. These permits generally are applied for and pursued simultaneously. However, all the permits for the Project on both the state and local level will need to be secured before the Project proceeds. The MEPA review, as well as all the other state permits such as the DEP approval for wastewater and approval for drinking water sources, will also need to be finalized.